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Enjoy the many different flavors of Cheetos exclusive to Japan, available on Sugoi Mart.
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  • Cheetos Japan Camembert & Tomato Ajillo

    "Cheetos Japan Camembert & Tomato Ajillo"

    About these snacks: • Frito-Lay Japan exclusive grill CT Cheetos camembert cheese and tomatoes ajillo flavor. • Committed to the "charcoal-grilled feeling", Camembert cheese and tomatoes are the perfect taste...
  • Japanese Chips Variety Pack

    "Japanese Chips Variety Pack"

    Discover a plethora of Japanese chips and brands with the Sugoi Mart Chips Variety Pack! Each pack will include (5) different bags of chips, brands, and limited flavors of chips...
  • Cheetos Japan Garlic Shrimp

    "Cheetos Japan Garlic Shrimp"

    Try Cheetos with a Japanese twist! A special, limited-edition flavor that's only available in Japan. The savory flavor of garlic shrimp meets crunchy Cheetos for the perfect snack!
  • Cheetos Japan Flaming Hot Cheese Flavor

    "Cheetos Japan Flaming Hot Cheese Flavor"

    Here's a new flavor of Cheetos in Japan, Flaming Hot Crunchy Cheese! Try it out.
  • Cheetos Japan BBQ

    "Cheetos Japan BBQ"

    Cheetos are an American brand of cheesy corn puff snacks, but of course Japan has its own limited flavors. Here we have a special limited flavor made to taste like...
  • Cheetos: Cheese (Japanese Version)

    "Cheetos: Cheese (Japanese Version)"

    Try Japan's version of cheesy Cheetos! Originally an American born snack, it made its way to Japan in 1975 and has been a beloved snack ever since. This version is...
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