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    "Animal Crossing Chocolate Egg"

    Furuta is back with this yummy chocolate egg in collaboration with Nintendo and Animal Crossing. Inside is a miniature toy inspired by the characters of Animal Crossing. Collect 1 of...
  • Sakura Pocky

    "Sakura Pocky"

    It's sakura season in Japan, and the cherry blossoms are in bloom. These sakura Pocky are one of the best seasonal releases from Glico. The biscuit sticks are made with...
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    "Tea Boutique Instant Sakura Latte"

    This product is a cherry-colored latte with a springy sweetness of the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the mellow taste of milk. It is an instantÌ´Ì_tea product that can...
  • Sugoi Mart 2020 Lucky Bags

    "Sugoi Mart 2020 Lucky Bag"

    Sugoi Mart Lucky Bags are now available for a limited time. Each bag is worth over $100 MSRP and contains 10-15 items from the following categories: Plushies Collectible figures Japanese...
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    "Lipton Sakura Tea (12 bags)"

    Lipton released another special flavor in Japan. This is the Sakura tea bag, which offers the unique taste of Sakura through tea. (Contains 12 tea bags)
  • Starbucks 2020 Sakura Reusable Cup And Origami Set

    "Starbucks 2020 Sakura Reusable Cup and Origami Set"

    It's 2020, spring time is here, and Starbucks has dropped their famous sakura series of coffees. The Spring Blend is always a hot item every year it comes out, and...
  • Nittoh Royal Milk Tea Sakura

    "Nittoh Royal Milk Tea Sakura (10 Sticks)"

    Nittoh's royal milk tea is loved all around. Here they have a new limited edition flavor made to taste like cherry blossoms! Just add 1 stick to 120ml of hot...
  • Coke Sakura 2020 Collectors Bottle

    "Coke: Sakura 2020 Collector's Bottle"

    Coke is here with a special collector's bottle that Japan is famous for. This 2020 aluminum bottle features vivid artwork of Japan's iconic flower - sakura. Vol. 250ml.
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    "Cheetos: Prosciutto & Cream Cheese"

    Cheetos is here with another limited flavor in a regular Western-sized bag. This limited flavor is made to taste like prosciutto and cream cheese - a perfect pairing if you...
  • Kit Kat: Sakura Mochi Flavor

    "Kit Kat: Sakura Mochi Flavor"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special bundle is packed with Kit Kats that taste like sakura mochi - a rice cake infused with...
  • Pocky Sakura Matcha

    "Pocky: Sakura Matcha"

    Pocky is one of Japan's most universally loved snacks! This limited flavor not only includes 9 packs of Pocky (much more than the average package), but also blends the flavors...
  • Kit Kat: Sakura Japanese Sake

    "Kit Kat: Sakura Japanese Sake"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! These Kit Kat bars are made to taste like a blend of cherry blossoms with a hint of sake, resulting in...
  • Nissin Ramen

    "Nissin Original Chicken Ramen"

    This cup noodle features the popular chicken flavor, along with the classic flavor of Nissin cup noodles. The cup noodle chicken flavor is one of the most popular classic flavors....
  • Mintia Sakura

    "Mintia Sakura"

    This mint features a sakura flavor that will freshen your breath and make it more cherry blossomy.
  • Pizza Potato

    "Pizza Potato"

    Try these Pizza potato flavored Calbee potato chips! A rather unique flavor for a potato chip, these pizza-flavored chips will definitely remind you of the cheesy meal. Each chip comes...
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    "Pocky from Japan: White Peach and Strawberry"

    Glico Pocky is a Japanese staple chocolate biscuit snack. These Pocky sticks are an exclusive Japanese flavor featuring a blend of white peach and strawberry.
  • Sanyo Sapporo Ichiban Pokemon Noodles Soy Sauce 38G

    "Pokemon Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavor)"

    This Pokemon shoyu (soy sauce) flavored instant ramen is fun for all ages. With a rich Shoyu broth, and topping that include Pikachu kamaboko (fish cakes), corn, and green onions! It...
  • 2020 Survival Kit

    "2020 Survival Kit"

    Sugoi Mart's survival kits are now available for a limited time. Each box contains 15-17 items ranging from meal kits, instant ramen/soup, and other fun surprises. You'll get: 2-3 delicious meal...
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    "Tsujiri Sakura Matcha Milk (Tea Powder)"

    Tsujiri is one of the most globalize tea production company originated from Japan with a long history since 1860. This is the Sakura Matcha tea powder, which perfectly combines the...
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