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  • Kit Kat Japan Cheesecake

    "Kit Kat Japan Cheesecake"

    Kit Kat in Japan is back with another flavor: Cheesecake! Enjoy the pure combo of cheesecake and crunchy Kit Kat chocolate. Bag Contains: 8 pieces.
  • Calbee Pizza Potato Chips

    "Calbee Pizza Potato Chips"

    Try these Pizza potato flavored Calbee potato chips! A rather unique flavor for a potato chip, these pizza-flavored chips will definitely remind you of the cheesy meal. Each chip comes...
  • Pokemon Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavor)

    "Pokemon Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavor)"

    This Pokemon shoyu (soy sauce) flavored instant ramen is fun for all ages. With a rich Shoyu broth, and topping that include Pikachu kamaboko (fish cakes), corn, and green onions! It...
  • Pringles Japan Kansai Takoyaki Flavor

    "Pringles Japan Kansai Takoyaki Flavor"

    Pringles is one of the world's most famous potato chips brand. Takoyaki is a popular ball-shaped Japanese snack, with a wheat flour-based batter containing a minced octous filling. This snack...
  • Cheetos Japan BBQ

    "Cheetos Japan BBQ"

    Cheetos are an American brand of cheesy corn puff snacks, but of course Japan has its own limited flavors. Here we have a special limited flavor made to taste like...
  • Bleach x Coca Cola Zero Soul Blast Cola

    "Bleach x Coca Cola Zero Soul Blast Cola"

    About this Bleach coke • Coca-Cola Japan collaboration with Bleach anime for the new season Thousand Year Blood War. • Japan-exclusive limited edition bleach coke soul blast zero cola action flavor....
  • Pringles Japan Hokkaido Butter Shoyu Scallops Flavor

    "Pringles Japan Hokkaido Butter Shoyu Scallops Flavor"

    Pringles is one of the world's most famous potato chips brand. Hokkaido is well known for its fresh seafood, and scallops are definitely one of them. This potato chips feature...
  • Kimura Drink Sakura Cola

    "Kimura Drink Sakura Cola"

    Here's a Sakura-flavored cola using Japanese cherry extract. It gives you an elegant aftertaste with the scent from cherry blossoms after the refreshing carbonic acid. Volume: 240ml.
  • Doritos: Avocado and Cheese

    "Doritos: Avocado and Cheese"

    This Doritos features a special and unique flavor: Avocado and Cheese. As expected from Japan! Net weight is 155 grams. 
  • Pokemon Bikkuratamago Bath Bomb

    "Pokemon Bikkuratamago Bath Bomb"

    Drop these bath bombs into the tub to enhance your bathing experience...but not only that, you get a bonus Pokemon figure that's hidden inside the bath bomb! Each bath bomb dissolves to reveal...
  • Pocky: Pulpy Strawberry

    "Pocky: Pulpy Strawberry"

    Pocky is one of Japan's most universally loved snacks! This strawberry Pocky is loaded with bits of dried strawberry on each stick! Originally from Japan, Pocky continues to be one...
  • Kit Kat Japan Sweetness for Adults (Dark Chocolate)

    "Kit Kat Japan Sweetness for Adults (Dark Chocolate)"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special pack is loaded with dark chocolate flavored Kit Kats, satisfying those looking for a more bitter taste!...
  • Kit Kat Japan Chocolate Orange

    "Kit Kat Japan Chocolate Orange"

    About this Kit Kat: Japan exclsuive chocolate orange flavor Kit Kats. Flavor blast of orange wrapped in rich chocolate. Contains 8 pieces which are great to enjoy with coffee or...
  • UFO Thick and Rich Sauce Yakisoba

    "UFO Thick and Rich Sauce Yakisoba"

    Good, thick, large and addictive rich sauce! The medium thick noodles with a distinctive strength have a roasted aroma, and the taste, sourness, and spice of the sauce and pork...
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