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  • Kit Kat: Yokohama Strawberry Cheese Cake Flavor

    "Kit Kat: Yokohama Strawberry Cheese Cake Flavor"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special Kit Kat is made to taste like strawberry cheese cake, and comes in a special box reminiscent...
  • Kit Kat: Kyoto Uji Hojicha

    "Kit Kat: Kyoto Uji Hojicha"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This item is exclusive to Kyoto - one of the most popular destinations for travelers - and is flavored...
  • Pokemon Clear Chopsticks (Medium): Mew

    "Pokemon Clear Chopsticks (Medium): Mew"

    Introduce Pokemon to your dinner table with these clear chopsticks inspired by your favorite Pokemon.
  • Ippudo Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

    "Ippudo Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen"

    Ippudo is a famous ramen shop that originated from Hakata, Japan, and has locations all over the world. Here's an instant Tonkotsu (Pork bone broth) ramen.
  • Kirby Game Selection Terrarium Collection Blind Box

    "Kirby Game Selection Terrarium Collection Blind Box"

    Blind Boxes are packed with miniature toys packed at random. This series features Kirby recreating moments from some of his past games. Get 1 of 6 possibilities. Click here for the complete...
  • Dream Tomica: Snoopy Car (#153)

    "Dream Tomica: Snoopy Car (#153)"

    Tomica is Japan's brand of miniature toy cars, like Hot Wheels, and this series let's you collect vehicles inspired by your favorite characters! This adorable car is shaped just like...
  • Sniper Sparrow Vol.2 Gachapon

    "Sniper Sparrow Vol.2 Gachapon"

    I'm sure it's hard to imagine the secret life of birds being like this... nonetheless, let's have a little fun with the sniper sparrows gashapon! Collect 1 of 6 (...
  • Kit Kat: Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry

    "Kit Kat: Hokkaido Azuki & Strawberry"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This is a flavor unique to the island of Hokkaido, and is made with local azuki (sweet red beans)...
  • Pokemon x Yamamoto Tuna Mayo Seaweed Chips

    "Pokemon x Yamamoto Tuna Mayo Seaweed Chips"

    For almost 200 years, Yamamoto store has been the seasoned Nori (seaweed) specialist in Tokyo. They teamed up with Pokemon to create this flavor. The tuna and mayonnaise is sandwiched...
  • Pokemon Bonsai Blind Box

    "Pokemon Bonsai Blind Box"

    Here's a new blind box featuring Pokemon with a Bonsai theme. Find some of the most iconic pokemon surrounded by traditional Japanese bonsai trees! Get 1 out 6 possible designs! Click here for...
  • Frogs Gachapon

    "Frogs Gachapon"

    Yes even gachapon (gashapon) sometimes are weird. We have this original series featuring some frog figures. They can be used as a pen holder. Don't miss it and get 1...
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