Zaru Udon Food and Drink Itsuki Foods
Zaru Udon Food and Drink Itsuki Foods

Zaru Udon

Zaru Udon

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Zaru udon is a popular cold noodle dish served in Japan. The name comes from
the way that the dish is plated: a zaru is a bamboo draining basket. DIY your own zaru udon noodles for an upcoming spring/ summer night! They are usually served with thinly sliced seaweed on top, scallions and grated Japanese radish on the side.


1. Bring 1L of water to boil (for 1 serving, for 2 servings use 2L).

2. Add the noodles and boil for 5 to 6 minutes.

3. Stop boiling the water, take out the noodles, and cool them down with cold water.

4. Place cold noodles on a plate and enjoy them with your chosen sides!

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