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Sugoi Mart Starbucks Sakura Gift Set

Sugoi Mart Starbucks Sakura Gift Set

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The spring buzz is in the air and the cherry blossom petals are starting to bloom. Sugoi Mart is here to offer you unique sets full of Starbucks x Nestle Japan Sakura exclusive items to help jump start your cherry blossom season. Make the season extra special for all Starbucks fans with our Starbucks x Nestle Sakura Setvalued at $75.

This set comes with 3 of the following items:
- 1x Starbucks Sakura 2022: Reusable Cup and Origami Drip Coffee Set 
- 1x Starbucks Sakura Spring Blend 2022: Coffee (Ground Coffee 140g)
- 1x Starbucks Sakura 2022: Instant Sakura Strawberry Latte Sticks (4 sticks)

Perfect gift for a picnic in the park or a quiet afternoon at home. Grab yours today and enjoy the beginning of spring with our amazing set! 

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