Sugoi Mart SPICY Sets are now available! Get an assortment of 8 SPICY items selected from Tokyo, Japan! Wanna try some of the spiciest Ramen, Snacks, Seasoning, and Drinks? Get this Spicy Set right now! This set contains the items below:

  1. Spicy Kimchi Flavor Ramune Soda x 1
  2. Forbidden Spicy Snack x 1
  3. Spicy Ramen x 1
  4. Tohato Tyrant Habanero Ring Chips x 1
  5. Spicy Chicken Curry x 1
  6. Burning Chili Spice Seasoning x 1
  7. Flaming Hot Sauce x 1
  8. Peyoung Extremely Spicy Yakisoba (Japanese Instant Fried Noodles) x 1 

Dare to test your limits? Grab this Japan-exclusive limited set right now before it's gone!