Here's the Sugoi Mart For Her set, valued at 75$. Grab this set full of exclusive licensed products only found in Japan. Whether you're a fan of Sanrio, Kirby or kawaii products we got you. Perfect for a gift!

The set contains the following 6 items:
- 1x Sanrio Plush (different plushes are available, you will receive one randomly)
- 1x Kawaii Notebook
- 1x Pokemon Pop'n Step Figure
- 1x Disney Gummy
- 1x Sanrio 2022 Planner
- 1x Kirby Gachapon

Disclaimer: The product picture and description is a representation of the content in the product set. However, due to supply availability, some of the items might vary slightly with the product picture and description. Sugoi Mart will guarantee the total value and composition of any product sets remain the same as advertised. For any questions, please contact customer support.