Starbucks Japan released the highly sought after sakura 2022 exclusive  collection, just in time for the start of spring and beginning of the cherry blossom bloom. Experience a variety of the Via (20 total) instant stick coffee flavors and discover your favorite blend!
The set includes a uniquely designed cherry blossom motif reusable cup sleeve to keep your hands safe, during your afternoon spring stroll. 


  • Spring Season Blend - 5 sticks
  • Pike Place Roast - 5 sticks
  • Columbia - 5 sticks
  • Italian Roast - 5 sticks
  • Reusable cup - 1 cup (can be used in store)
  • Reusable cup sleeve - 1 sleeve  (can be used in store)

Note: This cup and sleeve are reusable
(not microwave or dishwasher friendly).