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Nagoya Kishimen

Nagoya Kishimen

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This slightly sweet noodle soup dish offers you the at home opportunity to make something that you'd find at Nagoya station in Japan. Flavoured by bonito, short for Katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked tuna), these noodles pack an interesting punch of flavour in your mouth.
Try it with: Soft boiled egg, green onion, narutomaki

1. Bring water to a boil, add the noodles, boil another 1 minute from when the water boils up again.
2. While the noodles are boiling in step 1, in a ramen bowl mix 250 ml of hot water and the flavor packet.
3. Remove the noodles from the boiling water, use a strainer to get rid of any excess water, and add to the soup base.
4. Add the 'Hana Katsuo' and eat up!

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