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Hobonichi Techo 'Original' Notebook 2022 (A6)

Hobonichi Techo 'Original' Notebook 2022 (A6)

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Hobonichi Techo was first introduced in 2001. 20 years later it has become one of the, if not the most famous planner notebook in the world. The following features made Hobonichi what it is today:
- One page per day with plenty of space to write your daily tasks, journal or schedule
- Graph paper design, allowing you to write straight and precisely. Great for graphs and charts as well
- A unique feature to Hobonichi is a collection of entertaining and fun quotes on each page, perfect to practise your japanese!
- Each page has a mini calendar, 24 hour timetable with 30 minutes increments and each month is printed in a different color
- With its special stitch binding, the notebook can lay completely flat without being held down, no need to use phones or other objects anymore
- Tomoe river paper is used, it's a superior lightweight paper that reduces the thickness of notebooks while remaining strong and resistance to ink bleeding and feathering

Don't wait any longer and get ready for 2022 with the 'Original' model (A6 size)!

Don't forget to get a cover to protect your Hobonichi.

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