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Daikoku Kitsune Udon

Daikoku Kitsune Udon

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Enjoy a classic Japanese udon noodle dish wherever you are. This bowl is packed with thick and chewy udon noodles and a dried llet of seasoned aburaage (fried tofu). This dish is known as "fox udon" in Japan as it is believed that tofu is a fox's favorite food in some old Japanese folktales.
Try it with: Narutomaki, green onion, wakame seaweed


1. Open the lid halfway and remove the packet from the bowl.

2. Fill with boiling water up to the line marked on the inside of the bowl (350ml), then replace the lid and leave for 3 minutes.

3. Add the soup packet, stir, and enjoy!

•ÈÀOriginally featured in the August 2018 Umai Crate.

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