Cleverin, which is part of Taiko Pharmaceutical, launched the "airborne desinfection" which removes more than 99% of airborne and surface-adhering viruses/bacterias with a chlorine dioxide gas. Perfect for your home or office to remove all unwanted visitors!

For this set they partnered with Bearbrick to launched 6 unique stick cases/figures from the Star Wars Cinematic. With each box comes 1 random figure and 1 stick.

How to use: Snap and bend the stick, shake the stick, put it in the Bearbrick x Star Wars container and may the force be with you! (Instruction are on the side of the box)

Size: 15cm

Stick usage: Approximately 1 month

Disclaimer: Sugoi Mart is not responsible or liable to any health issues or risks. The Cleverin Stick does not remove all bacterias and virus in the air. Please carefully read the instructions and precautions in the official website before use.