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  • Saucy Katsu Bites

    "Saucy Katsu Bites"

    Katsu is a favorite of many Japanese food lovers and is usually enjoyed with rice. With this snack you can enjoy pure katsu in these bites and each bite is...
  • Every Burger

    "Every Burger"

    This fun hamburger-shaped snack is not actually a hamburger, but a yummy chocolate-filled biscuit!
  • Pepsi: Japan Cinnamon

    "Pepsi: Japan Cinnamon"

    Pepsi in Japan has a lot of exclusive flavors. Here's a new limited flavor: Cinnamon Pepsi coke! Try it out before it's gone.
  • Pizza Potato Margherita

    "Pizza Potato Margherita"

    A rather unique flavor for a potato chip, these pizza-flavored chips will definitely remind you of the cheesy treat. Here we have a flavor designed to taste like margherita pizza...
  • Lotte Choco Pie: Japanese Chestnut

    "Lotte Choco Pie: Japanese Chestnut"

    In Japan's Fall season, there are a lot of seasonal flavors, such as Chestnuts, Sweet Potato, Persimmon, and Pear etc. And of course, Japan won't miss the chance to release...
  • S&B Sichuan Style Spicy Oil

    "S&B Sichuan Style Spicy Oil"

    S&B is a famous food manufacturer in Japan. This is their Sichaun style Spicy oil which brings the spiciness to your home from Japan.
  • Billy DIY Ramen Shop

    "Billy DIY Ramen Shop"

    The Billy's DIY paper theater are super famous. This DIY Ramen shop comes flat with all the single pieces. It will last you hours to glue, paint, build and assemble...
  • Fruity and Soft Dried Rambutan

    "Fruity and Soft Dried Rambutan"

    This is a fruity and soft dried fruits series. Here comes Rambutan.
  • Black Sesame Kinako Instant Latte

    "Black Sesame Kinako Instant Latte"

    This is a instant latte drink featuring black sesame and kinako (Japanese soy bean powder). Mix the powder with water and you're good to go!
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