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Sushi Home Party Collection

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  • Popin' Cookin' Fun Sushi Kit Candy and Snacks Kracie

    "Popin' Cookin' Fun Sushi Kit"

    A fun DIY treat which makes you feel like you're running your own sushi restaurant! Please see this link for instructions!
  • Sushi Jenga Lite Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Sushi Jenga Lite"

    A portable and travel-friendly of the classic game Sushi Jenga. It doesn't get more Japanese than this. So many different games all using a set of pieces shaped like nigiri...
  • Sushi Jenga by IUP OH! Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Sushi Jenga by IUP OH!"

    It doesn't get more Japanese than this: 10 different games all using a set of pieces shaped like nigiri sushi! This Sushi Jenga game will help you build your chopstick skills which...
  • 3D Meat Puzzle (Blowfish) Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "3D Meat Puzzle (Blowfish)"

    A puzzle toy that is both entertaining and educational! Learn about the anatomy the blowfish, also known as the pufferfish, in Japanese. Try cutting your own blow fish sashimi with...
  • Fish Puzzle Chocolate Candy and Snacks Sugoi Mart

    "Fish Puzzle Chocolate"

    Here's a chocolate snack that is inspired by a body puzzle of a fish. Have fun enjoying this chocolate snack.
  • Gudetama Soy Sauce Food and Drink Sugoi Mart

    "Gudetama Soy Sauce"

    Here's a soy sauce featuring Gudetama on the bottle! Volume: 200ml
  • CuteBee DIY Sushi Restaurant Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "CuteBee DIY Sushi Restaurant"

    We have this amazingly detailed DYI sushi restaurant. If you are a DIY enthusiast or have the patience and time, this product is perfect for you! Note: Comes with an...
  • I Love Yolk Vol.2 Ring Gachapon Anime & Brands Sugoi Mart

    "I Love Yolk Vol.2 Ring Gachapon"

    Here's a fun gachapon collection. The case looks like an egg, while inside you will find a ring shaped as a special egg dish. Get 1 out 2 different cases...
  • Sakana Kanji Puzzle Game Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Sakana Kanji Puzzle Game"

    This game not only lets you show off your chopsticks skills, but also your Japanese skills. This game doubles as a puzzle in which you use chopsticks to pick up...
  • Onsen Face Towel: Japanese Sushi Home Sugoi Mart

    "Onsen Face Towel: Japanese Sushi"

    The towels used for onsen (Japanese Hot Springs) are known to be of really good quality. They dry easily and maintain their softness for a long period of time. These...
  • Sushi Kigurumi Cap Home, Hype Sugoi Mart

    "Sushi Kigurumi Cap"

    Here's a Shrimp Sushi Kigurumi cap that will keep you warm during winter and most importantly make you look like a sushi. Free Size.
  • Sushi Erasers Home Sugoi Mart

    "Sushi Erasers"

    One of the most famous Japanese foods as an eraser! Sushi Erasers! *Note* DO NOT EAT.
  • Demon Slayer Sushi Train Anime & Brands Sugoi Mart

    "Demon Slayer Sushi Train"

    Takara Tomy just released this unique sushi conveyor belt inspired by the famous Demon Slayer anime. Get your sushis delivered in style with this fun train. The perfect item for...
  • Sold Out

    "Sushi Socks Set"

    Here's a fun set of 5 unisex socks. Designed with the pattern of the most famous sushis, you will definitely have the coolest socks! Material: 80% Cotton, Spandex: 20% Size:...
  • Japan Food Candle: Sushi Home Sugoi Mart

    "Japan Food Candle: Sushi"

    Japan has a series of fun food candles which you can use to light up your room! This features a sushi shape. Size: 12.8 x 12 x 5.4 cm.
  • Conveyor Belt Sushi Boat Set Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Conveyor Belt Sushi Boat Set"

    Here's a Conveyor Belt Sushi Boat Set where you can use this set to enjoy the Japanese style Conveyor Belt Sushi style at home. Try it out! Note: English instructions...
  • Fish and Chopstick Puzzle Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Fish and Chopstick Puzzle"

    Here's a puzzle featuring a fish model and chopsticks. Let's see if you can pick different parts of the fish in a corresponding order with chopsticks! This is an award...
  • Sushi Stacking Balance Game Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Sushi Stacking Balance Game"

    Here's a sushi stacking game that will need you to be super focused in order to keep the tower balanced while following the instructions from the question cards! What a...
  • Conveyor Belt Sushi Erasers Home Sugoi Mart

    "Conveyor Belt Sushi Erasers"

    A popular form of sushi restaurants as erasers! Add these to your workplace for a modern Japanese vibe! *NOTE* DO NOT EAT.
  • Sushiro Sushi Train Game Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Sushiro Sushi Train Game"

    Sushiro is one of the most famous sushi conveyer belt restaurants in Japan! In collaboration with Takara Tomy they bring us this super fun game where you take control of...
  • Syuto DIY Figure: Fish Roe Sushi Toys and Games Sugoi Mart

    "Syuto DIY Figure: Fish Roe Sushi"

    For all you crafty lovers, we have something you won't find anywhere else! This is for the strong minded, definitely not for the impatient... If you have a free weekend...
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