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  • Nylon Japan

    "Nylon Japan"

    Nylon was once a pop culture and lifestyle magazine from the US, but it's still very popular in many countries including Japan. Nylon offers a lot of colorful photos with...
  • Sold Out

    "Weekly Shonen Jump"

    •ÈÀWeekly Shonen Jump is one of Japan's premiere manga magazines! With a different issue coming out each week, big names that are serialized in this magazine include One Piece, My...
  • Weekly Shonen Sunday

    "Weekly Shonen Sunday"

    Weekly Shonen Sunday is, as the name hints, a manga magazine with a new issue each week! Manga serialized in this magazine include hits such as Detective Conan,åÊSwitch, Kimi wa...
  • Figure Oh

    "Figure Oh"

    Figure Oh is a premiere magazine dedicated to showcasing figures! With hundreds of pictures of figures originating from exciting anime, games, and more, the excited hobbyist will definitely have a...
  • Nintendo Dream

    "Nintendo Dream"

    Nintendo is a magazine dedicated to everything Nintendo! Loaded with articles, previews, and screenshots of new and upcoming games, Nintendo Dream is a pleasure to experience for the gaming enthusiast....
  • ViVi


    •ÈÀViVi is a very popular fashion magazine that's very popular with university-aged youth to those in their early thirties. NOTE: The issue shipped outåÊmay vary fromåÊthe month/issue pictured. It will...
  • CanCam


    CanCam is a monthly magazine focusing on everyday beauty, fashion, and lifestyle for the everyday girl living in Japan. NOTE: The issue shipped outåÊmay vary fromåÊthe month/issue pictured. It will...
  • Biteki


    Biteki is a monthly magazine that focuses on Japanese beauty, care, cosmetics, and make up! One of the most popular magazines in circulation, you can grab an issue to keep...
  • Weekly Shonen Magazine

    "Weekly Shonen Magazine"

    Weekly Shonen Magazine is, as you've guessed, a weekly magazine featuring some of Japan's hottest manga. Hit series which are serialized include Hajime no Ippo, The Seven Deadly Sins, and...
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