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Shop online Japanese gachapon capsule toys with popular bands like Bandai and characters including Pokemon, Sanrio, ramen, and more Japan exclusive gashapon.
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  • Animals Hanging On The Edge Gachapon

    "Animals Hanging On The Edge Gachapon"

    A cute animal gachapon for people who love decorating their desk or bookshelf with adorable animals. These figures will literally "hangout" with you! Collect 1 of 5!
  • Miniature Designer Chairs Gachapon

    "Miniature Designer Chairs Gachapon"

    Enjoy mid-century modern furniture with this miniature designer chair gachapon. Collect 1 out of 6 chairs and ride the modern wave that's been captivating Japan's home design scene (in mini...
  • Bird Butler Gachapon

    "Bird Butler Gachapon"

    About this gachapon: • Bird butler figure gachapon capsule toy. • Get (1) of (5) bird butlers. Possible types: Crow Owl Crane Bald Eagle Sparrow Size: 3.5cm~
  • Demon Slayer Makeup Figure Gachapon

    "Demon Slayer Makeup Figure Gachapon"

    About this gachapon: • Demon Slayer anime characters "entertainment district" version wearing cosmetics figures. • Get (1) out of (5) characters at random. Possible types: 1. Tanjiro 2. Zenitsu 3....
  • Animals Taking The Train Gachapon Vol.1

    "Animals Taking The Train Gachapon Vol.1"

    Bandai Gashapon "Animals Taking The Train" volume 1, In Japan even these cute animal figures are commuting by train. Collect 1 out of 6 figures! Types possible: • ostrich •...
  • DIY Grow Spicy Pepper Gachapon

    "DIY Grow Spicy Pepper Gachapon"

    Grow and cultivate your own spicy peppers with this pepper growing DIY gachapon. Get 1 of 4 pepper types randomly! Each pepper has a different taste and level of spice,...
  • Pizza-La Gachapon

    "Pizza-La Gachapon"

    Here's a fun gachapon featuring the most famous pizzas of the food chain Pizza-La, which is the second highest-grossing pizza chain in Japan after Domino's. Grab 1 out of the...
  • King Of Animals Gachapon

    "King Of Animals Gachapon"

    Imagine if Tekken characters were animals, well here they are. Whether you want a buff kangaroo or a swollen panda we got you covered. Get 1 out of the 5...
  • Demon Slayer Seated Gachapon Vol. 5

    "Demon Slayer Seated Gachapon Vol. 5"

    We have this really cool Demon Slayer gachapon collection. Don't miss out and grab your kawaii Hashira now. Get 1 out 5 possible figures. Size: 4.5 cm
  • Train Station Bento Gachapon Vol.3

    "Train Station Bento Gachapon Vol.3"

    Train station bento gachapon/gashapon volume 3 includes 6 miniature figures of the real exclusive special bentos sold at shinkansen (bullet train) stations in different prefectures across Japan. This volume of...
  • Tokyo Revengers Acrylic Pick Gachapon

    "Tokyo Revengers Acrylic Pick Gachapon"

    This gachapon is not only fun but also useful. Don't want to get your hands dirty when touching food, then use these Tokyo Revengers picks! Get 1 out 9 different...
  • Dragon Ball Vol.16 Gachapon

    "Dragon Ball Vol.16 Gachapon"

    The 16th Volume of the Dragon Ball gachapon is here. Don't miss the opportunity to get one of the Super Saiyans. Get 1 out of 4 possible figures! Size: 8...
  • Miniature Sake w/ Accessories Vol.2 Gachapon

    "Miniature Sake w/ Accessories Vol.2 Gachapon"

    Different styles of popular Japanese spirits and their accessories volume 2 gachapon. These miniature drinks also come with their respective, tongs, muddlers, and cups on the rocks! Collect 1 out...
  • Doritos Mini Keychain Gachapon

    "Doritos Mini Keychain Gachapon"

    About this gachapon: • Doritos Japan mini keychain with mini shaking doritos inside each bag gashapon. • The contents are slightly visible through the transparent part of the package. •...
  • Electronic IC & Money Cards Gachapon

    "Electronic IC & Money Cards Gachapon"

    J.Dream Electronic IC & Money Cards Gashapon, 5 miniature figures of the real cards used to travel on light railways in Japan, as well as credit card models and swiping...
  • Godzilla vs Kong Gachabon

    "Godzilla vs Kong Gachabon"

    To celebrate the movie Godzilla vs Kong, these stylish mini gachapon figures were launched. Which one do you think you'll get, Godzilla or Kong? Get 1 out of 4 possible...
  • Famous Japanese Sake Vol.2 Gachapon

    "Famous Japanese Sake Vol.2 Gachapon"

    Famous Japanese Sake Gachapon for those who appreciate a good refreshing cup of Sake! This Gachapon comes with a miniature sake bottle of famous and well known real sake brands...
  • Digimon Gacha Mascot Ver.4

    "Digimon Gacha Mascot Ver.4"

    Get 1 out of 5 Digimon in this fun gachapon collection!
  • Macho Man Lid Closure Gachapon

    "Macho Man Lid Closure Gachapon"

    Isn't it annoying when you're trying to heat up your instant noodles and the top lid just won't stay down? Oh man, do we have a solution for you! Buy...
  • Animal Podium Gachapon

    "Animal Podium Gachapon"

    Here's a fun gachapon collection with 6 different animals celebrating their victory! Get 1 out of 6 possible figures from the following list: - Bull Terrier - Lion - Hippopotamus...
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