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  • Pocky Chocolate Mint Flavor

    "Pocky Chocolate Mint Flavor"

    Pocky is one of Japan's most universally loved snacks! This flavor is Chocolate Mint flavor, one of the biggest trends in Japan now!
  • Kit Kat Premium Mint Mini

    "Kit Kat Premium Mint: Mini"

    Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This mini pack features a unique tasting mint chocolate that's perfect for the season. Each box comes with 3...
  • Hi Chew Peach Mints

    "Hi-Chew Peach Mints"

    Hi-Chew is a beloved candy in Japan, and here we have a new variety with a minty twist. This one packs a peachy-punch of sweet minty goodness.  This 22g resealable...
  • Bourbon Mochi Mochi Chocolate

    "Bourbon Mochi Mint Chocolate"

    Bourbon Mochi Mochi Chocolate has mochi ganache wrapping with mint flavored fresh cream and condensed milk. You can enjoy the soft, fluffy texture of mochi and the cream filling. Grab...
  • Look Two Variety Chocolate Mint

    "Look Two Variety Chocolate Mint"

    Try two different varieties of chocolate mint flavors in one pack with this Look Two Variety Chocolate Mint! Find out which one variety is your favorite. The chocolate chip mint...
  • Blanchul Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

    "Blanchul Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich"

    Try this Blanchul Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich — a bite-sized cocoa powder cookie with white mint chocolate filling. Each box comes with 12 delicious cookies!
  • Oreo Mint Cream

    "Oreo Mint Cream"

    Oreo is one of the most famous cookie brands in the world and here is their mint flavor with a rich, minty cream flavored filling.
  • Fujiya Chocolate Mint

    "Country Ma'am Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies"

    Indulge in these thinly baked mint chocolate chip cookies! Fresh mint cookie with chocolate chips throughout, just like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Try the cookies chilled by putting it into the...
  • Dars White Chocolate Mint

    "Dars White Chocolate Mint"

    The Dars White Chocolate Mint is the perfect snack for white chocolate lovers! Morinaga, one of Japan's oldest and most popular confectionery brands comes out with white chocolate bites filled...
  • Collon Cream Chocolate Mint

    "Cream Collon Chocolate Mint"

    Try these Cream Collon Chocolate Mint cookies! Released by Glico as one of their new Collon cookie flavors. Light, crispy, chocolate cookie filled with chocolate mint mousse-cream filling. The bite-sized...
  • Hi Chew Lime Mints

    "Hi-Chew Lime Mints"

    Hi-Chew is one of Japan's popular fruity candies that is now being featured with a minty twist. This 22g resealable bag is a pack has a tangy lime kick to...
  • Morinaga Koeda Chocolate Mint Sticks

    "Morinaga Koeda Chocolate Mint Sticks"

    Enjoy the perfect combo of minty freshness and rich sweet chocolate with these Morinaga Koeda Chocolate Mint Sticks! These short stick snacks are delicious and fun to eat!
  • lotte eatmint clear blue mint white background

    "Lotte EATMINT Clear Blue Mint"

    The refreshing feel that the characteristic of EATMINT is strong. a strong refreshing feel spreads momentarily, and comfy refreshment continues it. because it is the new package of the pouch...
  • lotte eatmint clear blue mint white background

    "Lotte EATMINT Citrus Mint"

    Lotte EATMINT Citrus Mint is a strong refreshing feel spreads momentarily, and comfy refreshment continues it. because it is the new package of the pouch type with the zipper, the...
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