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  • Pepsi Refresh Shot

    "Pepsi: Refresh Shot"

    Pepsi is one of the most beloved soda brands worldwide. This is Pepsi Refresh Shot, a soda drink that can boost your energy in no time with extra carbonation and...
  • Pokemon Curry

    "Pokemon Curry"

    Pokemon is one of the most popular series around the globe. Pikachu and friends present to you this curry with a sweet pork and corn flavor. How to cook: (Using...
  • Apple Pie Kit Kat

    "Kit Kat: Sweetness for Adults (Apple Pie Flavor)"

    These limited edition Kit Kats are apple pie flavor but they're also purple! What's going on? Well, the story goes that the ghosts turned the chocolate purple for Halloween. They...
  • Sold Out

    "Pureral Gummy Strawberry"

    Pureral gummies are well known for their firm exteriors and sweet and fruity interiors. This new limited flavor brings to us the taste of homegrown Japanese strawberries!
  • New Pepsi Japan Cola

    "New Pepsi Japan Cola"

    This Pepsi fuzes with yuzu and salt in order to bring out the authentic taste of Pepsi Japan Cola. Pepsi Japan just released their NEW label as of May 2020!...
  • Coke: Tokyo 2020 Collector's Edition

    "Coke: Tokyo 2020 Collector's Edition"

    Coca Cola housed in a limited edition Tokyo 2020 Olympics aluminum bottle.
  • Lawsons Fried Squid

    "Lawson's Fried Squid Crackers"

    Lawson is one of the most famous convenient stores in Japan. They released a series of dried foods which is served perfectly with beer and alcohol. Here are Fried Squid...
  • Lawsons Spicy Grilled And Dried Squid Legs

    "Lawson's Spicy Grilled and Dried Squid Legs"

    Lawson is one of the most famous convenient stores in Japan. They released a series of dried foods which is served perfectly with beer and alcohol. Here is Spicy Grilled...
  • Fanta Okinawa Shikuwase

    "Fanta Okinawa Shikuwasa"

    A rare Fanta flavor called Okinawa Shikuwasa! Shikuwasa fruit is a green, tangy lemon-like citrus fruit, grown in the southern, Japanese tropical island of Okinawa. Get a taste of the...
  • Ucc Coffee Cafe Au Lait Evangelion Eva2020

    "UCC COFFEE Cafe Au Lait Evangelion EVA2020"

    UCC Milk Coffee Can 250g (EVA2020) is designed with the characters from "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version". This is a limited-edition drink perfect for the fans of Shin Evangelion. Get one...
  • Nissin Cup Noodle Curry Big 120G

    "Nissin BIG Cup Noodle Curry"

    This "Nisshin Cup Noodle Curry Big 120g" is filled with delicious ingredients! A mild, thick curry soup with sweet vegetables, while increasing the amount of dice mince. Besides, potatoes, green...
  • Fettuccine Gummy Lemon Squash

    "Fettuccine Gummy Lemon"

    These sweet and sour strips of gummy are flavored like delicious sour lemons!
  • Tsujiri Kyo Latte Brown Sugar Matcha Milk And Hojicha Milk

    "Tsujiri Kyo Latte (Brown Sugar Matcha Milk and Hojicha Milk)"

    Tsujiri is a popular tea maker known for their easy-to-make teas, and here we have one of their lattes. Here we have a mix of unique lattes - brown sugar...
  • Gatsumori Yakisoba Salt Basil

    "Gatsumori Yakisoba (Salt and Basil)"

    This popular yakisoba is not only delicious and filling, but it's very easy to make! This special variety comes with seasoning that's made of garlic and basil, for a very...
  • Coco Ichibanya Curry Furikake

    "CoCo Ichibanya Curry Furikake"

    CoCo Ichibanya is one of the largest curry rice chain shop in Japan, also with locations around the globe. This furikake flakes allows you to enjoy their curry rice even...
  • Hersheys Chocobits Cereal Matcha White Chocolate

    "Hershey's ChocoBits Cereal (Matcha White Chocolate)"

    Released as a Japan exclusive chocolate matcha series from Hershey's, here we have a bag of cereal that's full of chocolate bits filled with matcha white chocolate cream. Contains about...
  • Calpis Melon

    "Calpis Melon"

    Calpis, or Calpico as it's known in other countries, is a unique drink with a very dairy taste, and is often mixed up with fruit flavors. Here is a limited...
  • Instant Wonton Soup (Tonkotsu)

    "Instant Wonton Soup (Tonkotsu)"

    Wonton soup is a popular dish originating in Chinese cooking, but with this instant soup you can just add hot water and let it cook for 3 minutes and you...
  • Peyoung Yakisoba Garlic Furikake

    "Peyoung Yakisoba Garlic Furikake"

    Peyoung is one of the most popular brands of Yakisoba in Japan. This furikake features the garlic yakisoba flavor from Peyoung. This contains garlic, green onion and spices. To enjoy,...
  • Toyo Suisan Maruchan Noodles Soy Sauce Cup 111G

    "Maruchan Houjunkoku Shoyu Ramen"

    Based on chicken extract and poke extract, it has a subtle, mild-boiled flavor, and it is a soup with a strong taste using rich concentrated soy sauce and concentrated soy...
  • Kitkat Setouchi Salty Lemon

    "Kit Kat: Setouchi Salty Lemon"

    Japanese Kit Kats are famous for being so unique and different. Here is a Kit Kat made to taste like lemons from the Setouchi region.11 Kit Kats per bag.
  • Kewpie Japanese Mayo To Go

    "Kewpie Japanese Mayo (To-Go Size)"

    Japanese Kewpie mayo is much more than your typical condiment. It's used widely throughout Japan in generous portions to add a rich and savory taste to most street food and...
  • Chococones Double Berry Cake Flavor

    "Chococones: Double Berry Cake Flavor"

    These chococones, or Takenoko no Sato, is a delicious chocolate snack in the shape of bamboo shoots! This limited flavor is made to taste like double berry cake.
  • Menzukuri Miso Ramen

    "Menzukuri Miso Ramen"

    Menzukuri is one of the popular brands of instant ramen, and here we have their take on miso ramen.
  • Hello Kitty Shaped Macaroni

    "Hello Kitty Macaroni"

    This pack of Macaroni comes with the shape of Hello Kitty. Time for some delicious Mac and Cheese! Direcitons: put the Macaroni into boiling water for 4 minutes, then enjoy....
  • S B Spicy Sesame Oil

    "S&B Spicy Sesame Oil"

    S&B is a Japanese food manufacturer focusing on spice and herb food products. This is spicy sesame oil, which goes really well with gyoza when mixed with soy sauce.
  • Coca Cola Tea Flower Den Craftea Peach 410 Ml

    "Koucha Kaden CRAFTEA Peach"

    This craftea mixes different fruit tastes with teas. This is the peach flavor.
  • Sold Out

    "Fanta: Melon Soda"

    Fanta by Coca Cola is a staple amongst Japanese soft drinks, and that includes this special melon flavor. This unique edition is inside an aluminum bottle, adding more to the...
  • Sold Out

    "Peyoung Yakisoba: Devil Level Spicy Instant Ramen"

    Peyoung is one of Japan's popular instant ramen makers, specializing in yakisoba. Here is probably their spiciest yakisoba yet. The red oni on the label makes it clear you're gonna be on...
  • Pey Young Yakisoba Super Hot Max End 119G

    "Peyoung Super Spicy Max Yakisoba END"

    It is a product that claimed to be the hottest product of Peyoung's yakisoba lineup. The ingredients are cabbage and chicken mince, with a super spicy hot sauce.
  • Peyoung Yakisoba Classic Furikake

    "Peyoung Yakisoba Classic Furikake"

    Peyoung is one of the most popular brands of Yakisoba in Japan. This furikake features the classic Yakisoba flavor from Peyoung. This contains chicken, sesame, ginger, green onion and spices....
  • Knorr Corn Cream

    "Knorr Cup Soup: Corn Cream Pottage"

    Knorr is a well-known food manufacturer focusing on instant soups. This instant soup features a corn cream soup flavor. To enjoy, mix 150ml of hot water with the soup powder....
  • Lifeguard Drink

    "Lifeguard Energy Drink"

    Want to obtain All Might's One For All? Lifeguard will grant you the temporary feeling of having all of that power in one bottle, giving you a quick energy boost...
  • Coca Cola Coca Cola Plus 470Ml

    "Coke Plus"

    Coke Plus is Japan's healthy version of Coke! It's 0 calories and even suppresses fat absorption while moderating the level of triglycerides in the blood after meals. Enjoy Coke, guilt...
  • Lawsons Dried Salmon

    "Lawson's Dried Salmon"

    Lawson is one of the most famous convenient stores in Japan. They released a series of dried foods which is served perfectly with beer and alcohol. Here is Dried Salmon....
  • Nissin Lao Back Fat Soy Sauce 115G

    "Nissin Ra-Oh Thick Shoyu Ramen"

    In the simmering soy sauce, The taste and sweetness of refined chicken meal and back fat were mixed into a deep taste soup.
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