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Enjoy the many different flavors of Doritos exclusive to Japan, crazy flavors like salted shrimp and wasabi! Try a wide selection of Japanese Doritos flavors.
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  • Japanese Chips Variety Pack

    "Japanese Chips Variety Pack"

    Discover a plethora of Japanese chips and brands with the Sugoi Mart Chips Variety Pack! Each pack will include (5) different bags of chips, brands, and limited flavors of chips...
  • Doritos: Mild Salt

    "Doritos: Mild Salt"

    Here's a new and exclusive flavor of Doritos in Japan, Mild Salt flavor. These are great for anyone who wants a crispy, original tortilla chip. Try these unique crunchy Doritos!...
  • Doritos: Roasted Corn Flavor

    "Doritos: Roasted Corn Flavor"

    Here's a new favor of Doritos in Japan, Roasted Corn! Enjoy this savory and smoky flavor.
  • Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavor

    "Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavor"

    Here's a Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavor. Try these crunchy Doritos packed with delicious and savory unique nacho flavoring!
  • Doritos Mexican Tacos Flavor

    "Doritos Mexican Tacos Flavor"

    A newly improved Doritos product! The taste is rich with the umami of meat, the freshness of tomato, and the sour lime. It has a hidden cumin scent that hits...
  • Doritos: Avocado and Cheese

    "Doritos: Avocado and Cheese"

    This Doritos features a special and unique flavor: Avocado and Cheese. As expected from Japan! Net weight is 155 grams. 
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