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  • Sumikko Gurashi Blanket

    "Sumikko Gurashi Blanket"

    Feel extra cozy in this adorable blanket decorated with the Sumikko Gurashi friends. Perfect for your lap or shoulders, bundle up at home, work, or wherever your holiday travels may...
  • Pompompurin Pouch

    "Pompompurin Pouch"

    Keep your holiday cash safe in this pouch! Take it with you while you‰۪re doing your holiday shopping or vacation. Keep money, accessories, cosmetics, or whatever you might need in...
  • Sumikko Gurashi Tote Bag

    "Sumikko Gurashi Tote Bag"

    Get your holiday shopping done in kawaii style. Carry your presents in this Sumikko Gurashi tote the next time you run your holiday errands!
  • House Yuzu Pepper Paste

    "House Yuzu Pepper Paste"

    Yuzu pepper is a seasoning originally from Kyushu, Japan. It is now very popular throughout the country and is used in many Japanese dishes. It is characterized as having a...
  • Matcha Oshiruko with Rice Cake

    "Matcha Oshiruko with Rice Cake"

    Warm up with oshiruko, a delicious sweet soup with mochi in it! It's a popular food in Japan often enjoyed during the New Years holiday. This matcha flavored oshiruko is...
  • Sold Out

    "Tanukioyaji Spicy Ramen"

    Get your taste buds ready to savor this spicy tonkotsu (pork flavor) ramen by Yamamoto! The heat is relatively gentle while grubbing down on the noodles, but builds intensity once...
  • Sold Out

    "Spicy Cheese Napolitan"

    Have a taste of Japanese-Italian fusion! Napolitan is an Italian spaghetti dish that has made its way to Japan. The recipe uses ripe tomatoes and a rich spicy cheese sauce....
  • Miyoza Kitsune Udon

    "Miyoza Kitsune Udon"

    Warm your taste buds with this bowl featuring a mentsuyu broth (Japanese soup base made from sake, mirin, soy sauce, kombu, and katsuobushi/dried bonito flakes). Ready in minutes, have yours...
  • Super Shigekix: Melon Cream Soda

    "Super Shigekix: Melon Cream Soda"

    Gabunomi melon cream soda collaborated with Shigekix chew candy to bring the best of both worlds with this super sour melon soda candy that will leave your lips puckered up...
  • Koala March: Winter Cheesecake

    "Koala March: Winter Cheesecake"

    Koala March launched a limited release for the holidays featuring hokkori cheesecake. Hokkori is a hybrid squash with a deep green skin and deep yellow flesh and has a very...
  • Kit Kat: Autumn Chestnut

    "Kit Kat: Autumn Chestnut"

    Ready to keep you in the autumn mood, these chestnut Kit Kats are another limited release from Nestle Japan! They feature wafers filled with a sweet chestnut cream and are...
  • Black Thunder: Christmas Bag

    "Black Thunder: Christmas Bag"

    Enjoy (and share) one of Japan's most popular chocolate candy bars - Black Thunder. They're in this specially themed share pack featuring 6 different wrappers just for the holidays! The...
  • Pizza Potato: Rich Cheese Flavor

    "Pizza Potato: Rich Cheese Flavor"

    Bite into a tasty slice of cheese pizza with these chips! Calbee, a popular brand in Japan (known for their savory snacks) released these seasonal exclusive chips made with four...
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