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  • Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag

    "Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag"

    Sugoi Mart 2022 Lucky Bags are NOW AVAILABLE! Each bag is worth over $100 retail price and can contain around 10-15 items from the following categories: - Plushies- Mangas- Japanese traditional...
  • Animal Crossing Chocolate Egg

    "Animal Crossing Chocolate Egg"

    Furuta is back with this yummy chocolate egg in collaboration with Nintendo and Animal Crossing. Inside is a miniature toy inspired by the characters of Animal Crossing. Collect 1 out...
  • Sugoi Mart Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag

    "Sugoi Mart Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag"

    Only real Pokemon trainers get their hands on Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bags. Check out what you could collect!: You can score 10 Pokemon collectible items from any of the following...
  • Sugoi Mart Demon Slayer Lucky Bag

    "Sugoi Mart Demon Slayer Lucky Bag"

    Sugoi Mart Demon Slayer Lucky Bags are NOW AVAILABLE!Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) is a popular series in Japan and all over the world. Sugoi Mart is here with this...
  • Sugoi Mart Survival Kit

    "Sugoi Mart Survival Kit"

    • Sugoi Mart's survival kits are now available for a limited time.  • Supplies are extremely limited and will not be restocked once this kit is sold out.• Each box contains...
  • Choco Daifuku

    "Choco Daifuku"

    Ever wonder what Mineta's Pop Off Quirk would feel like? We imagine it's as soft and squishy as this Daifuku! It's a delicious marshmallow ball filled with sweet milk chocolate.
  • Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack

    "Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack"

    Kit Kats in Japan has tons of different exclusive flavors and amazing packagings. Ever wanted to try them all? Sugoi Mart is here with a brand new Japanese Kit Kat...
  • Sugoi Mart Sanrio Lucky Bag

    "Sugoi Mart Sanrio Lucky Bag"

    Sugoi Mart Sanrio Lucky Bags are NOW AVAILABLE!Sanrio is a cute brand with a lineup of Kawaii characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll. Sugoi Mart is here...
  • Kit Kat Japan Cheesecake Flavor

    "Kit Kat Japan Cheesecake Flavor"

    Kit Kat in Japan is back with another flavor: Cheesecake! Enjoy the pure combo of cheesecake and crunchy Kit Kat chocolate. Bag Contains: 8 pieces.
  • Triple Mochi Dango

    "Triple Mochi Dango"

    Dango is a round shaped traditional Japanese sweet. Here's a triple mochi dango set that allows you to have a taste of Japan's traditional sweets.
  • Strawberry Chocolate Taiyaki

    "Strawberry Chocolate Taiyaki"

    This is a Taiyaki chocolate snack featuring a strawberry flavor.
  • Calbee Pizza Potato Chips

    "Calbee Pizza Potato Chips"

    Try these Pizza potato flavored Calbee potato chips! A rather unique flavor for a potato chip, these pizza-flavored chips will definitely remind you of the cheesy meal. Each chip comes...
  • Kit Kat Japan Frozen Cookies and Cream

    "Kit Kat Japan Frozen Cookies and Cream"

    KitKat Japan special summer edition frozen cookies and cream flavor. The chocolates have light cookies and cream flavors blended with white chocolate. Recommended to try them frozen to taste as...
  • Pocky: Sakura Matcha

    "Pocky: Sakura Matcha"

    Pocky is one of Japan's most universally loved snacks! This limited flavor not only includes 9 packs of Pocky (much more than the average package) but also blends the flavors...
  • Pokemon Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavor)

    "Pokemon Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavor)"

    This Pokemon shoyu (soy sauce) flavored instant ramen is fun for all ages. With a rich Shoyu broth, and topping that include Pikachu kamaboko (fish cakes), corn, and green onions! It...
  • Sugoi Mart Jujutsu Kaisen Lucky Bag

    "Sugoi Mart Jujutsu Kaisen Lucky Bag"

    Sugoi Mart Jujutsu Kaisen Lucky Bags are NOW REVAMPED! We're here to spoil you with a special selection of different Jujutsu Kaisen products with the anticipation of season 2. Let's kill the...
  • Pringles Japan Kansai Takoyaki Flavor

    "Pringles Japan Kansai Takoyaki Flavor"

    Pringles is one of the world's most famous potato chips brand. Takoyaki is a popular ball-shaped Japanese snack, with a wheat flour-based batter containing a minced octous filling. This snack...
  • Cheetos Japan BBQ

    "Cheetos Japan BBQ"

    Cheetos are an American brand of cheesy corn puff snacks, but of course Japan has its own limited flavors. Here we have a special limited flavor made to taste like...
  • PRE ORDER 30 Days Of Japan Advent Calendar

    "PRE ORDER 30 Days Of Japan Advent Calendar"

    About 30 Days Of Japan: Open 30 different windows to experience a full month of Japan exclusive items. Enjoy surprises each day from categories like snacks, toys, games, collectibles, plushies,...
  • Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag

    "Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag"

    Gotta catch em’ all and what better way than in Sugoi Mart’s Pokemon Lucky Bag!  You can score 10-15 Pokemon collectibles from the following categories: - Plushie(s) - Toys &...
  • Starbucks Sakura 2022: Instant Sakura Strawberry Latte Sticks

    "Starbucks Sakura 2022: Instant Sakura Strawberry Latte Sticks"

    Starbucks Japan is back to celebrate Spring 2022, the season of Sakura and Cherry Blossoms in Japan. Here's a box of four instant Sakura Strawberry Latte sticks. Enjoy the sweet...
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