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  • Meiji Hohoemi Cubed Baby Formula (108g)

    "Meiji Hohoemi Cubed Baby Formula (108g)"

    Kona milk was based on breast milk research. Cube-shaped milk that can be easily made without the need for a spoon. The nutrition of "hohomi", combines arachidonic acid and DHA....
  • Meiji Hohoemi Cubed Baby Formula (432g)

    "Meiji Hohoemi Cubed Baby Formula (432g)"

    Baby food milk 27g x 16 bags. Recommended age: 0-1 years
  • Morinaga Hagukumi Baby Formula

    "Morinaga Hagukumi Baby Formula"

    Milk that contains a balance of nutritional components close to breast milk based on the results of breast milk research. Contains a large amount of colostrum (breast milk), lactoferrin, which...
  • Icreo Balanced Baby Formula

    "Icreo Balanced Baby Formula"

    Milk that is kind to the baby's body. Galactooligosaccharide, nucleotide, Γ«_-carotene, sodium combination. A substitute for mother's milk when mother's breast milk may be short or not given. From 0...
  • Icreo Supplimental Milk

    "Icreo Supplimental Milk"

    Well-balanced nutritional support. Nutritional support in the weaning period It contains a sufficient amount of iron and vitamins that tend to run short in the weaning period to supplement nutrition...
  • Wakodo Haihai Baby Formula

    "Wakodo Haihai Baby Formula"

    Product is a childcare milk made based on knowledge of long-term breast milk research and infant nutrition so that you can use it at ease when breast milk is lacking...
  • Meiji Hohoemi Baby Formula

    "Meiji Hohoemi Baby Formula"

    Reduce 80% of beta lactoglobulin said to be strong in allergenicity by a patent technology only for Meiji Milk Products. Recommended age: 0-1 months
  • Wakodo Gungun Supplimental Milk

    "Wakodo Gungun Supplimental Milk"

    It is important to supplement each nutrient in a well-balanced manner during the growth period of about nine months. In addition to calcium, which tends to run short in baby...
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