Sakura-themed Snacks & Drinks in Japan

Sakura-themed Snacks & Drinks in Japan

With sakura season just right around the corner, Japan is celebrating by making their snacks and drinks sakura-themed to bring the spring vibes closer to us during this winter season.

Pocky & Collon

The ever popular Pocky and sidesick snack Collon are making another comeback with their sakura and sakura matcha flavors. Celebrate by getting your hands on one here right away!


Botanist is a popular beauty & wellness product in Japan that also has its own cafe in Harajuku. Pink is a key color in this menu that really highlights the sakura themed.


Mintia is Japan's go-to mints that are tiny, but carry a powerful taste. This season they're releasing a sakura flavor in this pretty pink Mintia case designed with fleeting cherry blossoms. Curious as to what sakura mints might taste like? Check it out yourself right here!

Shake Shack

Japan's Shake Shack is also bringing back an oldie but goodie with their shakes coming in 2 flavors: Cherry & Sakura and Sakura. The Sakura shake is based with fresh vanilla frozen custard and mixed with milk and cherry puree. It even has a moderate saltiness that you'd taste from a sakura mochi. The Cherry & Sakura shake is similar except it has more of a sweet and sour cherry aftertaste if you're not into the salty kick from the Cherry & Sakura shake.

Royal Milk Tea

Here's more of an on-the-go cherry blossom drink for you to enjoy. Warm up with these Royal Milk Tea Sakura flavor. It comes with 10 packets, add hot water and enjoy!

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