Strawberries are officially in season in Japan in, well... the greenhouses. This makes them more expensive and more of a luxury fruit during the winter season.

We keep seeing these pretty red berries in so many shelves across Tokyo. Take a look at this strawberry frenzy in just ONE trip to one of Japan's well-known convenient store, Family Mart!

Chocolates on chocolates on chocolates packed with strawberry goodness!

Yogurts, ice cream bars, packaged crepes and fluffy confections!

Hard candies, gummies, mini pies, confections and milk boxes and yogurt shakes!

No shame in getting your bro-tein in with these strawberry protein bars!

Strawberries are definitely hashtag trending this season. Just in this one trip alone, we were able to find so many strawberry-influenced snacks and drinks to make any strawberry-lover's dreams come true.

Here's our in-store favorite!:

These Strawberry Kit Kats are shedding a spotlight on Fukuoka, a prefecture in southern Japan. The box says "amaou" highlighting the famous strawberry grown in Fukuoka that is super red,Β  plump and delicious. Can't get the real thing? Get a dose of it in these Kit Kats available now on our online store!