Seems like “can’t stop, won’t stop” is Starbucks Japan’s motto for the 2019 holiday season as they reveal their 3rd drink this winter: Santa’s Boot Chocolate Frappuccino.

Source: Starbucks Japan

Inspired by decorative Santa's boots (or stockings) stuffed with treats, Santa's Boot Chocolate Frappuccino packs chocolate, a cookie straw, and even... a hint of potato chips!?

We are definitely into the unconventional holiday flavors that Starbucks Japan is reaching for. But seriously...Potato Chips!?

Source: Starbucks Japan

This new flavor will be available at Starbucks Japan on December 4th in tall size for 690 yen.

Can't make it all the way to Japan? You can still join their holiday frenzy by sporting their exclusive winter season line of mugs and tumblers on Sugoi Mart.

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