Starbucks is getting ready for the new year with Azukinako Warabi-Mochi FUKU Frappuccino.

This frappuccino has a few ingredients we gotta go over:
1.) Warabi-mochi - a sweet jelly-like confection made from bracken starch
2.) Kinako - roasted soy-bean flour usually sprinkled on top on the warabi-mochi
3.) Azuki - red mung bean

The kinako and warabi-mochi tastes exactly like if peanut butter and jello had a baby. Mochi is a New Year's staple in Japan so this key ingredient buried at the bottom of the cup truly highlights your first taste into the New Year in Japan.

The blended coffee sits underneath whipped cream toppled with crunchy and dry azuki beans

These lucky message cards are available to share with your family and friends!

The Azukinako Warabi-Mochi Frappuccino is available from December 26th in tall sizes only for 590 yen.