Japan has officially opened "Pikachu Sweets," a dessert shop by Pokemon Cafe, in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City.

The store opened its shop to Pikachu lovers everywhere on Thursday, December 19.

45 minute wait in line for the goods! This wasn't as chaotic as other grand opening wait time we've been to.

This sweets shop offers a variety of Pikachu-themed goodies. Check out the menu!

Cupcakes, pudding, lattes, juices, ice cream and more!

We went ahead and ordered some desserts and drinks, but um... 

YOU CAN'T EAT OR DRINK THERE?! The shop was designed with backdrops and props for your IG-worthy pictures of your food and drink, but to not actually eat there. 

Let's take a look at these drinks though!

"Get Latte"

The "Get Latte" is served cold or hot and tastes like your average latte except it comes in a cup with a Pokeball design. A giggly Pikachu wildly appears at the top of the frothy latte with various positive messages, ours read: "have fun." Yes, Pikachu :') we will.

You have to get your pics in quickly because the froth does dissolve within a matter of seconds. The frothy design was more intact just seconds before the pictures shown above.


Matcha with Petals and Cream Roserade Tea

This iced green tea was decorated with a Roserade print atop a thick whipped cream and edible rose petals. The pink and blue roses are condensed milk ice creams. This iced green tea was so refreshing and delicious that Japan Crate member Angie finished it in 10 giant sips!

Pikachu's Pachi Pachi Pinap Berry Juice

Another refreshing drink is Pikachu's Pachi Pachi Pinap Berry Juice, which essentially is a pineapple-flavored with a mix of orange, pineapple chunks and some kind of secret fruit in a cute Pikachu Sweets container.

Let's move onto the noms!

Pikachu's Cupcake + Pikachu's Melting Pudding Set

Pikachu flavored food in Japan has often been banana related so we had banana flavored expectations.

To our surprise, the Pikachu's Cupcake had was lemon flavored complete with zesty lemon flavored frosting and chocolate ears.

Pikachu's Melting Pudding came as a slightly sweet custard that had a hint of pumpkin. The best part about this pudding is that it came in this glass container that you can keep after you finish your treat!

These were definitely the most hottest trending items to get at the shop! 

Alcremie Decoration Soft "Vanilla Cream"

Alcremie makes her appearance as a soft serve. The rest of her hair is a thick textured soft cream with the two raspberries she usually rockin' in her hair.

What's so great about this shop is that you can drop by without reservation so you're guaranteed to get a dose of Pika sweets--- perfect if you are visiting on a whim and can't get reservations at the Pokemon Cafe.

Want a more visual experience? Check out our Vlog on Pikachu Sweets!