No words, really. Just want to give some appreciation to these bizarre hats from one of our favorite bizarre shops in Japan: Village Vanguard.

Goodnight Cat Hat

The Goodnight Kitty Hat features an adorable fur ball sleeping snuggly on top of your head.

Melon Bread Hat

Melon bread is a well known baked good you can find all over Japan. The funny thing is that it doesn't taste like melon, but takes the shape of one.

Birthday Cake Hat

This is a typical Japanese birthday cake. Simple white frosting with a strawberry on top. Celebrate in style!

Anpan Hat

Anpan is another well known sweet bread roll filled with a yummy paste. It's topped with black sesame seeds that you can subtly see on the top of the hat.

Mochi Hat

Want something sweet, but more discreet? Check out this white mochi hat. No one would ever suspect you're wearing a rice cake on your noggin.