Haagen Dasz celebrated its 35-year anniversary of sales in Japan last year so we wanted to honor these amazing flavors unique to Japan that we've been hashtag blessed to have.

Flavor: Mochi

On the left is the Ginsen Kinako Kuromitsu. Kinako is roasted soybean flour, it's sprinkled over the ice cream. On the right is the Zunda flavor. Zunda is a sweet soybean paste native to Sendai, Japan. Add those in the mix with mochi and you get a stretchy-textured ice cream.

Flavor: Hojicha Latte

Hojicha is green tea, just roasted. It tastes like a stronger version of green tea. Adding this flavor with latte softens its strong taste and makes for a delicious after-meal dessert. Haagen Dasz Japan says this will definitely give you early summer vibes with the aromatic scent and taste of its leaves.

Flavor: Yuzu Blanc Mange

Yuzu is a citrus that tastes tart and is very fragrant, it can be compared to a grapefruit. Its tangy and rich flavoring is paired with blanc mange, a French-originated dessert that has milk, sugar, fresh cream, vanilla and more and is cooled with gelatin. This sounds like it'd make those dreadful humid days in Tokyo much more bearable!

Flavor: Murasaki Imo

"Murasaki" means "purple" and "imo" means "potato," so what we have here is a Purple Potato flavor! What's extra unique about this is that it's in the form of a crispy sandwich with an engraved "Haagen-Dazs" and decorative border around the edges of the oval-shaped ice cream.

Flavor: Wazumi Azuki

Azuki is a red mung bean that is used in many confections and desserts when boiled into a paste. This flavor is mixed with Hokkaido milk cream that give it that sweet creamy goodness with the gentle taste of red bean. Haagen-Dazs Japan says that these flavors accent the fall and winter season of Japan.