Japan's Burger King came out with a fun and exclusive Fortune Burger to kick off the new year that will last until the end of January.

You can order a set that comes with fries and a drink for 600 yen or the sandwich itself for 390 yen. The choice of your bun colors depends on your fate.

So what is a fortune burger?

This fun concept comes from omikuji, a way of fortune-telling through tiny slips of paper that you can receive at the temple and/or shrine. There many types of omikuji you can receive and Burger King has narrowed it down to four kinds of luck.

大吉 Daikichi: Super lucky
Kichi: Lucky
小吉 Shoukichi: A little lucky
Kyou: Bad luck

Japan Crate member, Angie, never thought she'd count on a burger so hard for some good news.

Not the best, but not the worst. A little lucky is better than being cursed.

The burger had a classic Whopper taste and as you can see didn't really match the advertisement well, but nonetheless still tasted pretty good. Who doesn't like a Whopper?!

In addition to The Fortune Burger comes a Fortune Word game. With every purchase of a Fortune Burger set, you can receive a letter that fits in one of the words of the shown crossword puzzle above.

When you complete a word, you can get a prize.

Angie now needs a "K" and a "G" to receive the King Value (Whopper Jr. with Chicken Nuggets) for free!

Maybe she can channel all that small luck she received into getting these remaining letters!